Hypercarry's goal is to provide high quality, long content. You won't see page view gimmicks like popup windows, slideshows or clickbait content on this website (and if you do, let us know and we'll fix it).

Hypercarry was started after noticing that other gaming websites increased pings by 500-1000ms while hogging memory and processer power.

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For now, we'd love help getting the word out. Share, tweet, link to our articles (but don't steal them!). If you know another language and would like to translate a page for us, we'd love that too.

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Eventually, we'd like to offer some sort of subscription and a store, but the details still need to be worked out. We don't want to put our content behind a paywall and we don't want any potential advertisements on the website to be so obnoxious that a selling point of our subscription is to hide those ads.

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Since Hypercarry doesn't use an advertising service, you'll need to contact us directly if you'd like to advertise on the website. All advertisements will be managed by us, just provide us with an image and a link (referral codes for tracking purposes is acceptable); we will not accept embedded code. Under special circumstances, you may get access to our analytics data for conversion rate purposes; otherwise, you need to trust the data we provide.

We'll consider paid reviews with a few conditions:

  1. Paid reviews will clearly state that they are paid
  2. We won't publish (or accept payment) for a paid review if we don't like or use the product.

We're looking for partners for our future subscription service. We'd love to provide discounts on products we love we love to our subscribers.