Fire Bellows

Upgrades: Sustainable fuel, Napalm reservoir, Modified intake, Contoured Grip, Industrial furnace.


Galleon Mortar

Upgrades: Rapid bombs, Target system, High-explosive Charges, Dampened Tubing, Stonewall Propellant.


Skill: Squirt lure


Equipement: lvl5 1)Squirt cider 2)Hearty Punch 3)Black Rye 4)Bull Brandy 5)Leechade (Main item for survivor)... 6)Bastion Bourbon


Fire stops your enemy and regen your health, use bombs for heavy damage.

Hard Bargain (One Million points in Attack Mode)

The tip about not worrying about this achievement until you have all the upgrades and are level 10 is spot on. As well, you'll get the bulk of your score from the dreamy "Who Knows Where" levels (the ones that are tied to the "beat this with all 10 idols enabled"). To give an idea, my scores on the four of them were:

Kid's Dream (Pipe): 103,218
Singer's Dream (Stockpot): 92,220 (I think I would've done better with the Calamity Cannon)
Survivor's Dream (Bedroll): 226,179
Strangers Dream (History Books): 597,649 (See link to clip at end of solution)

Totalling 1,019,266 points from just those levels. This was the setup I used for them (the exception being Kid's Dream where I replaced the Mortar with the Calamity Cannon with homing as I found that worked better):


Turn on:

- Acobi (Foes shall have vengence in the throes of defeat)
- Lemaign (Foes shall induces sloth with each strike)
- Roathus (Foes shall never yield Health Tonics or Black Tonics)
- Micia (Foes shall regenerate from any injury)

Leave off:

- Olak (Foes shall sometimes turn to air unable to be hit)
- Garmuth (Foes shall deflect attacks on a whim)
- Jevel (Foes shall gain resilience to physical harm)

The others (Pyth, Hense, and Yudrig) are more personal preference -- they make things harder, so you might find that you end up having to "turtle" more which tends to break your combo streak.


As for spirits, the only one that's vital is Leechade. This is an absolute must, especially if you have the Roathus idol on. Bastion Bourbon is also important if you have that idol on as you'll want to have as many health going in as you can. The others I had on were:

- Graver Gimlet
- Lifewine
- Bull Brandy
- Whale Ale
- Black Rye
- Werewhiskey
- Hearty Punch
- Squirt Cider


I did the Galleon Mortar and the Brusher's Pike, with Bomb Barrage as my skill. For the Mortar upgrades I did: Burstone Bombs, Target System, Shrapnel Charges, Dampened Tubing, Stonewall Propellant (this last one's important). For th Pike upgrades I did all the left side upgrades: Reinforced Shaft, Hunting Grip, Brusher Bindings, Heavy Counterweight, Barbed Spearhead.

This clip is when I did Stranger's Dream. It's not complete as I only got the last 5 minutes recorded, but gives an idea: