December 6, 2015 - fallout 4, builds

Fallout 4 Commando Build

Truely a stat dump build, the commando build dumps your remaining stats into PER to get Concentrated Fire (arguably the most consistent 10 point perk, but isn't all that useful until level 50).

  • Insane damage - wounding prefixed legendary weapons are completely broken.
  • Good crowd control - kneecapper prefixed legendary weapons are virtually guarenteed with automatic weapons; Gun Fu offers creative uses for freezing weapons
  • Does not require VATS - Gameplay can be more like a shooter.
  • Extremely versatile - almost all weapon specialization perks are available (Demolition Expert offers the most synergy; Heavy Gunner is also viable)
  • Gear dependent - build doesn't shine without a wounding or kneecapper prefixed legendary weapon
  • Expensive, uses a lot of ammo
  • Late game stats/perks use VATS
  • Lots of perks spent on SPECIAL training

Recommended Build

Starting Stats
PER 4+
Final Stats
PER 10
AGI 10

+ indicates where you should use the You Are Special book.

As you level, dump training perks (a total of 12 perks from levels) into AGI/PER until you get to 10 and 6 LCK (with bobbleheads). Use bobbleheads to increase your other stats.


Core Perks (32 levels)

Since the beginning part of this build doesn't venture too far away from a quality build (only slightly higher in strength for Steady Aim), the build is really cheap with only 32 levels of perks locked up.

Armorer - 4 points

The ballistic weave armor mod from the Railroad offers the best damage resistance in the game.

Steady Aim - 2 points

Two points to make your hip firing better? Yes, please. This perk improves accuracy of both automatic shotguns and automatic rifles.

Locksmith - 3 points

3 points allows you to unlock master locks, no need for the fourth level perk.

Life Giver - 3 points

60 hit points is pretty nice, but the real reason you are grabbing this perk is to get the life regen. You should be at full health every time you fast travel.

Caps Collector - 2 points

Just for settlement building.

Local Leader - 2 points

Settlement building

Medic - 1 point

Settlement building only. Food offers better healing unless you have an absurdly hit point pool.

Gun Nut - 1 point

Settlement building and early weapon modifications. Get your later level weapon modifications from vendors.

Hacker - 3 points

Just for unlocking master level terminals. As with the Locksmith perk, the fourth level is unnecessary (just back out before you fail).

Science! - 1 point

Same logic as Gun Nut. The best generator is available with one perk.

Commando - 5 points

This build revolves around automatic rifles, so this is kind of the point.

Action Boy - 2 points

Even though you aren't using VATS all that often early on, the AP regeneration is nice for sprinting.

Bloody Mess - 3 points

Free damage! This part of the luck tree is pretty bad, but it's awkward to leave luck at 1 and this lets you get Scrounger if you want without collecting the bobblehead.

Next steps

With 18 available perks at level 50, you have a lot of options with this build. Take advantage of SPECIAL training perks and start taking advantage of VATS.

You want to get 5 points into perception, 5 points into agility, and 3 points into luck after using the You Are Special book and bobbleheads. This is effectively 12 levels of perks. Filling in the following perks gets you to level 55.

Your priority should be Gun Fu > Penetrator > Penetrator > Gun Fu > Concentrated Fire > Concentrated Fire > Concentrated Fire > Gun Fu > Better Criticals > Better Criticals > Better Criticals.

Gun Fu - 3 points

This is your trash mob perk; Gun Fu makes fighting groups of enemies much easier. This perk is very situational, but you can normally plan your attack by creating a choke point to get more value from this perk.

Penetrator - 2 points

Since the build invests a lot of perks into VATS stats (Both agility and perception improve VATS), this is a good option considering it's only two points. Penetrator makes Gun Fu significantly better as you can now target enemies hiding under cover.

Concentrated Fire - 3 points

This is your boss killer perk. Concentrated Fire offers the most value at level 50 when the extra damage kicks in, so I wouldn't spend on this perk the points until then.

Better Criticals - 3 points

Even though you can't bank critical attacks, Gun Fu will give you guarenteed critical attacks at level 50. Don't bother getting this perk until after you put 3 points into Gun Fu.

Optional Perks

You'll have 5 points remaining to get you to level 60.

Demolition Expert

Even though the build wants to use wounding and kneecapper prefixed legendary weapons, explosive prefixed legendary weapons (and therefore Spray n' Pray) is an alternative choice and this perk works with these weapons. You get style points for shooting mines/grenades, too.

Heavy Gunner

You already passed Heavy Gunner on your way to steady aim, so this is a value proposition perk. Heavy Gunner stacks with Explosives Expert when using fat men or missile launchers, so that's a plus.

Unfortunately, Heavy Gunner does not stack with Commando even though it sounds like it should.

Gun Nut/Science!

Lumping these two perks together, not a bad thing to finish off these perks because it makes upgrading weapons a lot easier (no more shopping) and gives you a few more advanced options in settlement building.


Automatic weapons use a lot of ammo, so this will make your life easier until you have enough caps to buy ammo or a few weapons that you can swap between.



This is the worst part of the build. Ideally, you'll use a wounding prefixed legendary weapon modded to an automatic weapon, but this can be hard to find. Find Cricket as early as you can (she travels between Vault 81 and Bunker Hill) and purchase Spray n' Pray from her.

Wounding prefixed legendary weapon (damage)

Your bread and butter weapon, you should finish off all of your enemies with this weapon.

Kneecapper/freezing prefixed legendary weapon (crowd control)

Use this weapon to disable high threat enemies before switching to your wounding weapon to finish them off. Kneecapper should do the job just by shooting the enemy; freezing will require VATS, either with Gun Fu or a good ol' fashion critical hit.

Spray n' Pray/explosive, furious prefixed legendary weapons

All of these weapons are viable alternatives until you get a wounding weapon. An explosive prefixed legendary automatic laser rifle modded with a beam splitter (or combat shotgun) might rival a wounding weapon at close range.


For quality of life while playing the game, I highly recommend pocketing your armor for increased carry weight until you get rank 3 of armorer, then switch your gear to ultra-light for (10+ AP on your chest, 5+ AP on arms). Custom-fitted allows for better sprinting on your legs if you don't want the additional action points.

Green shirt with combat boots

Your under armor clothing of choice should be a green shirt with combat boots because of the added endurance. You get 1+ END/CHA and modify them with ballistic weave for a bunch of resistances. Make sure you carry 2+ CHA clothing with you (ideally, you'll have Agatha's dress or Reginald's suit for 3+ CHA)

Minutement outfit  for 1+ PER/AGI or Military fatigues for 2+ AGI both get notable mentions.

Battered Fedora

Battered fedora should be your choice of headgear even though the 1+ LCK shouldn't matter because it can be modified with ballistic weave. You can substitute with the newboy cap or trilby hat for 1+ CHA as they both get ballistic weave, but charisma doesn't offer much in the game (although it is good to carry in your inventory for dialog checks).

If you want to give up a lot of resitance, Destroyer's Helmet sold by Penny Fitzgerald in Covenant gives 1+ CHA/INT or Commando's Helmet sold by the Brotherhood of Steel's Teagan gives a 10% reduction in action point costs in VATS.

Patrolman Sunglasses/Welding Goggles

Any 1+ PER eyewear will do because 1+ CHA eyewear doesn't offer any advantage for adventuring.

Liam's glasses gets a nod as an honorable mention with the 2+ INT bonus for the slight experience boost but shows up a little too late to be relevant.

Powered/VATS enhanced prefixed legendary armor

Both make your VATS better. One or two of each of these on your equipment somewhere with the powered prefix (increased AP regeneration) being slightly better for sprinting, while VATS enhanced (10% reduced AP cost) is better for combat.

Cunning/Sprinter's prefixed legendary armor

Cunning prefixed legendary armor conveniently offers +1 AGI/PER, so it works out perfectly to fill in your build. You don't really need to be stacking either of these stats though.

Increased movement speed is always nice. Fill out your gear with this.

Notes, caveats, and bugs (contains spoilers)

In regards to bobbleheads, they can be a pain to collect.

  1. The endurance bobblehead requires level 18 because you need to pick a lock, so you will not be able to get Life Giver until then. Save your perks!
  2. The questline to get the charisma bobblehead can get bugged. The bug makes it impossible to get the bobblehead with a console command.
  3. The agility and luck bobbleheads are in somewhat high level areas; you may want to sprint through the area to get them (or turn the difficulty down).

You need to avoid murdering the Railroad until you get ballistic weave. It's pretty much game breaking if you skip ballistic weave on higher difficulties.