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Building a Party

Noble - Olberic, Tressa, Ophilia, Alfyn Rogue - H'aanit, Therion, Primrose, Cyrus https://blogs-images.forbes.com/kevinmurnane/files/2018/07/Path-actions_Nintendo.png

Generally speaking, you'll always want one of each group in your team (Battle, Aquire, Recruit, Info); that being said, I prefer Olberic, Therion, Primrose, Alfyn early on given these options.

General Story

Therion (for locked chests, no content) Olberic/H'aanit (for Challenge/Provoke; I preferred Olberic.. you'll arguably want both in your party since their stories require solo combat) Alfyn (Inquire slightly edges out Cyrus's Scrutinize, but you can party swap here if you'd like)

Option #1

Therion (Hunter) Olberic (Cleric) Alfyn/H'aanit/Cyrus (Thief) Primrose/Ophilia (Scholar)

Option #2

Cyrus (Dancer) Ophilia (Scholar) Olberic (Cleric) Therion (Hunter) -> Basically, a breaker... HP/MP Steal is pretty much unfair

Baes (End game)

Primrose (Sorcerer) Ophilia (Starseer) Tressa (Runelord) H'aanit (Warmaster)


Olberic (Warmaster) Cyrus (Sorcerer) Alfyn (Starseer) Therion (Runelord)