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The Best Recipes for Buffs

Luck: Lucky Lunch

Fishing: Dish O' The Sea

Combat: Roots Platter

Early Game Energy and Health: Chowder and/or Farmer's Lunch

The Best Recipes for Making Money (Profit)

These recipes turn your trash into treasure.

Algae Soup

Pale Broth


The Best Recipes for Qi's Cuisine

Triple Espresso

Use one Kitchen Exclusively for Sushi (Maki Roll and Sashimi)

Okay, so maybe not exclusively but you don't don't want to make any recipe that uses any fish when you have higher value fish in your refrigerator or inventory. Here's a list of fish that should be stored separately (or sold instead):

(*) denotes you're better off selling the ingredient instead of using it for cooking.

With the introduction of Ginger Island, you get access to a second kitchen -- use that kitchen for Maki Roll and Sashimi. Both of these recipes use Any Fish as an ingredient which makes it too easy to accidentally use the fish you want to use for other recipes instead (particularly Sardines for Dish O' The Sea and Sea Cucumber for Lucky Lunch).