- stardew valley

The short answer? Probably not because damage cannot be prevented, only reduced to 1.

You're better off using damage immunity sources, like Ring of Yoba and Protection Ring (or better yet, combine them!).

Defense reduces the damage you receive by 1 for each defense you have (to a minimum of 1).

Monster Damage:

15 is pretty common...

Highest damage:

19-26 (Haunted Skull) 20-25 (Skeleton Mage) 21-30 (Shadow Shaman) 22-32 (Squid Kid, dangerous) 23 (Serpent) 23 (Tiger Slime) 32-48 (Royal Serpent) 38-55 (Mummy, dangerous)

Reasonable Defense:

+6 Dwarf Dagger +3 Topaz Forging (3x, +1/ea) +10 Crabshell Rings (2x, +5/ea) +7 Dragonscale Boots (or +6 from Cinderclown Shoes)