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Is the Seed Maker worth it?



In almost all cases, no... but there are a few exceptions. If the Seeds cost more than double the sell price of the crop and you want another harvest then it might be worth it. In reality, Seed Makers should only be used for Ancient Fruit, Qi Beans, and sometimes other vine/trellis crops.

To avoid buying new seeds, an average of 51% of harvests would need to be sacrificed (= 1 / (0.9751 * 2)) to obtain new seeds for the next growing cycle.

Given enough Seed Makers, it can be a somewhat reliable way to get Ancient Seeds.


Strangely enough, converting Cranberries, Hops, Blueberries, and/or Corn back to seeds and selling the seeds is more profitable than selling the harvested fruit (as long as it's not Iridium quality or Gold quality if you have the Tiller profession).

Do not do this with Strawberries, as Strawberry Seeds sell for 0g.

For Wild Seeds...

Wild Horseradish, Spice Berry, Common Mushroom, or Winter Root.

Winter Root has an 8% chance to drop from blue slimes in the caves (most commonly on floors 41-79).

Note: Converting Common Mushroom from the Cave on your Farm roughly doubles the money generated from the cave; Cave Mushrooms sell for 40g while Fall Seeds sell for 45g and you're expected to get 2 seeds on average from the Seed Maker.