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How to build a Ranch in Stardew Valley.

Farm Strategies

Supplement your Ranch by farming Wheat and producing Beer. Wheat has a 40% chance to produce Hay when harvested so the more Wheat you can farm, the more Hay you'll receive.

Growing Grass Continuously

Each fully grown grass tile consists of 4 tufts of grass. Each day, every individual tile containing grass has a 65% chance of growing. If the tile containing grass has less than 4 tufts and succeeds a growth check, it will grow 1-3 additional tufts of grass. (randomly determined) If a fully grown grass tile succeeds a growth check, it will check all 4 adjacent tiles. If they are tillable, there is a 25% chance for each tile for 1-3 tufts of grass to grow.

Tips and Tricks

You only need to build one Silo. Store Hay in a Chest inside your Barn or Coop and refill it every couple of days instead of building multiple Silos.

Put your Processing Machines (Mayonnaise Machine, Cheese Press, etc.) in a Deluxe Barn to make processing more convenient.

Grow Wheat in the Summer and Fall. The Wheat crop produces Hay, in addition to Wheat. This will save you a ton of money in the winter when you can't feed your animals with grass.

Profession Synergies

Agriculturist (Level 10 Farming) - This might sound a little strange but mass producing Wheat in the Summer and Fall, in addition to your Greenhouse and Ginger Island is a viable strategy. Agriculturist reduces Wheat's growth time from 4 days to 3 days (25%) and there's a 40% chance to produce Hay when harvesting Wheat -- this allows you to save a fair amount of money if you need to buy Hay from Marnie for 50g.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I sell animals as the coop (or barn) fill up?

Generally no but there may be some exceptions to this. The best reason to sell animals (ideally at 5 hearts) is to upgrade or simplify your farm. Once you have ducks, there's little reason to keep chickens; once you've completed the Animal Products bundle in the Community Center, there's no reason to keep both colors of chickens... so sell the off-color chicken and farm only brown or white eggs (but never both).

If you always process your Eggs into Mayonnaise, the quality of the egg doesn't matter so there's more profit in continuously selling one 5 heart animal whenever an Egg is ready to hatch from the Incubator.