January 4, 2023 - stardew valley, stardew-valley, guides

How to Catch Stardew Valley's Legendary Fish

Stardew Valley has five legendary fish you can catch -- one in each season (and one can be caught at anytime since it's technically indoors). Each have specific requirements you must meet before catching them and they can be rather difficult to catch. Also, make sure you get your hands on a Fish Tank before catching these fish since you only get to catch each fish once per game (if you sell the fish, it's gone forever and you don't get another chance to catch one). All of the fish can be caught at any time of day, so feel free to fish as late (or early) as you want.

Before we get into the specifics of each fish, let's talk about how to best prepare for reeling them in. The following equipment, food, and enchantments will help you beat the minigame:

Side Note: I'm not quite sure why the level requirements are the way they are but lowest requirements are in the fall, then summer, then winter, and finally the spring, so it's almost like it's not intended to catch the final fish until Year 3.

Spring: Legend (The Mountain)

Fishing Spot for Legend

Legend is the most difficult catch and of course it can only be caught in the spring. Not only is Legend difficult to catch, it's has some steep requirements to even appear:

It is possible to catch Legend in Spring of Year 1 but you'll need to focus on fishing just about the entire time. Thankfully, fishing is probably the best way to make money (and spend your energy) in the early part of the game anyways.

Summer: Crimsonfish (The Beach)

Fishing Spot for Crimsonfish

Crimson Fish is among the most difficult fish to catch in the game, it's as difficult as catching an Octopus but it has a less forgiving movement pattern.

Fall: Angler (Pelican Town)

Fishing Spot for Angler

Angler is the easiest seasonal legendary fish to catch -- and it's easier to catch this fish than it is to land an Octopus, Lava Eel, or Scorpion Carp. If you've managed to catch a Lingcod, you'll have no problem catching Angler.

Winter: Glacierfish (Cindersnap Forest)

Fishing Spot for Glacierfish

Glacierfish is the second most difficult fish to catch in the game (behind Legend).

Anytime: Mutant Carp (The Sewers)

Fishing Spot for Mutant Carp

The Mutant Carp is the easiest of the legendary fish to catch. There are no requirements to see this fish outside of fishing in the Sewers. It's also the one time where replacing the Trap Bobber with a Curiosity Lure might be worth it (giving you a 20% chance to see the fish instead of 10%) -- otherwise, plan on catching a lot of trash before hooking the Mutant Carp.

Bonus Legendary Fish: Qi's Extended Family

Once you've unlocked Qi's quests, you're given the opportunity to catch new variations of the legendary fish you caught before. It's a little easier this time around since the seasonal and weather requirements are removed but you'll still need to catch them in the same spot you caught the original fish (and you must meet the Fishing level requirements too but by the time you've unlocked these challenges I'd assume you're max level) -- and this time you only get three days to catch all five of them.

One quirk about this quest: As long as you haven't completed the quest, you can catch multiple instances of each fish during the quest. The hook rate for Glacierfish Jr is incredibly high (probably around 50%), so it should be easy to catch a few of them -- but they only sell for 2,000g. The base price for Legend II is 5,000g so it might be worth your time to catch a few of them before completing the quest (but the hook rate is pretty low depending on the time and season you're trying to catch one). Be careful, once you've caught all five fish the quest will automatically complete.