April 25, 2022 - wonderlands, wonderlands, guides

Tiny Tiny's Wonderlands Class Tier List

Current Tier List (with the release of Coiled Captors):

Special Note about Graveborn and Stabbomancer: Both classes have high impact bugs/glitches. Harvest stacks indefinitely while in Chaos Chambers -- basically, as long as you don't quite out of the game, your companions will receive bonus dark damage after each level. From the Shadows has a glitch that allows for full uptime of the action skill -- resulting in a "permanent" (while using the glitch) 100% chance to crit at the cost of 50% crit damage. The Stabbomancer glitch is avoidable, the Graveborn Harvest bug is not.

S Tier: Graveborn, Spellshot

The two caster classes are the strongest classes in the game largely to how strong pixies (Fearnots) are right now. Until the subset of companions that scale off of spell damage (and trigger spell damage effects) are fixed or adjusted, the Graveborn and Spellshot are the strongest class choices in Wonderlands.

Graveborn is considered the best class right now due to the Harvest bug and this bug arguably should put it in it's own tier (it's that much stronger than Spellshot when the bug is taken advantage of).

Recent fixes to the Spellshot's Double Knot secure Spellshot's position in this tier and it's probably the only class in the game that can comfortably play without a multiclass and still perform above expectations in end game content.

A Tier: Spore Warden

Spore Warden is incredibly strong due to it's capstone skill, Ricochet, and having the best class-specific enchants in Wonderlands. On top of that, the Spore Warden pairs reasonably well with most classes in the game and the gun-centric ability tree makes it the most fair class in the game.

B Tier: Stabbomancer

Stabbomancer is the jack-of-all-trades class in the game that functions mainly as a secondary class. The lack of consistent class identity is what holds it back -- is it a melee class? Is it a DOT class? What about spells? It's class feature is simultaneously one of the most useful and worst feats in the game as it directly competes with the From the Shadow action skill.

C Tier: Brr-zerker, Clawbringer

Coiled Captors' new Soaked effect should have pushed both the Brr-zerker and Clawbringer up but each class still have significant flaws.

For the Brr-zerker, Myth Rank reduces the value of increases Frost damage and design decisions around Rage of the Ancients (like using an action skill while it's active only returning a portion of the timer instead of adding the full duration) hold it back.

The buffs to the Clawbringer's Storm Smite didn't help it much. The biggest draw to the Clawbringer is the ability to spam Storm Dragon's Judgement and that's currently significantly outclassed by the Spore Warden's Barrage action skill.