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Tiny Tiny's Wonderlands Character Creation Guide

Recommendation for New Players: Stabbomancer (Village Idiot)

As far as classes go, Stabbomancer is the most flexible option in Wonderlands and has a ton of skills that makes the game more enjoyable (primarily, skills that increase base movement speed). Stabbomancers also pair well with just about every other class in the game.



Class Feat: Dirty Fighting -- The Fatemaker's Critical Hit Chance is increased. Great for, you know, stabbing. Action Skill: Ghost Blade -- Action Skill: From the Shadows --


Class Feat: Wyvern Companion -- Action Skill: Cleansing Flames -- Action Skill: Storm Dragon's Judgement --


Class Feat: Spellweaving -- Action Skill: Polymorph -- Action Skill: Ambi-Hextrous --


Class Feat: Demi-Lich Companion -- Action Skill: Dire Sacrifice -- Action Skill: Reaper of Bones --

Spore Warden

Class Feat: Mushroom Companion -- Action Skill: Barrage -- Action Skill: Blizzard --


Class Feat: Rage of the Ancients -- Action Skill: Dreadwind -- Action Skill: Feral Surge --


Stats provide the following bonuses for each point above 10 (and subtracts the bonuses if less than 10):

Generally speaking, Strength and Constitution are the two best stats for your character. Crit Damage should almost always matter as Gun Damage applied to an enemy's weakspot will guarantee a Crit. Constitution double dips in both HP and Ward while being a stat most players won't want to prioritize in their gear's secondary stats.

Attunement should carry a little more weight than Intelligence as it's slightly harder to gear for Skill Cooldown compared to Spell Cooldown, along with the fact that most Action Skills have a longer cooldown than most Spells.

Wisdom is a little harder to value in Wonderlands because

Dexterity is incredibly misleading because the increase to Crit Chance is applied to the base Crit Chance (which is 5%). This means that +100% Crit Chance results in an overall Crit Chance of 10%.

For most builds, Strength will be maxed first then either Dexterity or Wisdom, followed by Constitution, Attunement, or Intelligence.

Dexterity is a Confusing Stat

Dexterity is incredibly difficult to quantify. Builds that focus on spells, melee damage, companions, or ability power should weigh Dexterity higher than other stats.

Stabbomancers have a difficult time here because they get a 30% bonus to their Crit Chance from their Class Feat (maxing Dexterity relatively less valubale for them). On top of that, From the Shadows can completely negate the need for Dexterity at all.

Twist of Fate (Background)

Don't overthink these options.

For new characters, if the chosen Twist of Fate decreases Constitution, add those points back.

The best way to about Twist of Fate options is that relative to other characters, your character will be stronger/weaker than an equivalent character by the selected amount. For example, a character with the Raised By Elves background will have +8.0% Crit Chance, +2.0% Skill Cooldown, and -10% Max HP/Ward relative to same character at equal level.

Spoiler: After reaching maximum level, characters will be able to increase each stat by an additional ten points, shoring up the weakness of each Twist of Fate.

Tier List

Raised By Elves is the next best option but it doesn't really offer much of an upside but it's the only way to increase Dexterity. Recovering Inventory Hoarde is there for the Action Skill junkies.


Village Idiot is recommended for every class and there isn't much of a reason not to take it.

The game has slightly different recommendations that would lead to the following list:

Net Stats

Village Idiot

Raised By Elves

Failed Monk

Best for:

Recovery Inventory Hoarder

Best for:

Rogue Alchemist

Best for: