April 7, 2022 - wonderlands, wonderlands, guides

Wonderlands Featured Run -- Week 2 (04-07-2022)


Level 1 - Mushrooms & Wyverns

Bonus Objective: Melee Enemies Bonuses: Gun Damage, Reload and Sprint, Ward Regen Rate Rune: N/A Curses: Healing Vengeance, Bulwark Buddies Options: Items/Buff

Level 2 - Goblins

Bonus Objective: Protect Butt Stalion Statue Bonuses: Extra Life, Max Ward, Damage Reduction Rune: N/A Curses: N/A Options: Curses/Items

Level 3 - Skeletons and Wyverns

Bonus Objective: Destroy Dragon Lord Statue Bonuses: Max Health, Gun Handling, Extra Life Rune: Yellow Curses: Frozen Vengeance, Encroaching Darkness Options: Curses/Buffs

Level 4 - Mini Boss (Pigwart)

Trolls, Witch Doctors, Pucks, etc.

Max Ward, Melee Damage, Spell Damage, Ward Delay, Reload and Sprint, Critical Damage

Bonus Objective: Bonuses: Extra Life, Gun Handling, Damage Reduction Rune: N/A Curses: Buff Buddies, Magma Breach // Searing Tether, Nasty Spill Options: Items/Gems

Pigwart has two immune phases during the fight: (1) shortly after breaking his blue shield, (2) roughly half way through his red bar. If you chose Healing Vengeance as a curse, it is incredibly important to prioritize the hearts -- if Pigwart is healed by one of these, you will have to go through the immune phases each time he's healed.

This level can be used to power farm gems. The encounter ends when Pigwart is killed. If you can avoid killing Pigwart, trolls and witch doctors will respawn indefinitely during the encounter.

Level 5 - Mushrooms & Wyverns

Bonus Objective: Dragon Lord Statue Bonuses: Spell Damage, Extra Life, Elemental Damage Rune: Blue Curses: N/A Options: Gems/Curses

Level 6 - Skeletons

Bonus Objective: Kill Before Timer Ends Bonuses: Max Health, Max Ward, Damage Reduction Rune: Green Curses: Break It Up!, Enchroaching Darkness (Trust in Magic if this was chosen on level 3) Options: Curses/Buffs

Level 7 - Mimics

Bonus Objective: Feed the Fire Spirit Bonuses: Ward Delay, Critical Damage, Elemental Damage Rune: N/A Curses: Toothless, Critical Connoisseur (Magma Breach) Options: Gems

The general strategy here is to kill the mimics with the blue energy shield. If you run into a mimic with two yellow armor shields, you will be forced to melee it to death (the incredibly frustrating thing is the mimic will turn back into a chest occasionally but the baby mimics will continue to be immune). If this happens, you're best off running away and finding the two Krystals on the left and right sides of the maps to progress the level bar.

Level 8 - Boss (Parasite)

Bonus Objective: Bonuses: Rune: Curses: Options: