April 14, 2022 - wonderlands, wonderlands, guides

Wonderlands Featured Run -- Week 3 (04-14-2022)

  1. Skeletons (Dragon Statue) Yellow
  2. Wyverns and Skeletons (Butt Stallion Statue) Green
  3. Skeletons and Eyeclops (Fire Spirit)
  4. Da King
  5. Trolls (Melee Kills)
  6. Cyclops (Circles)
  7. Mimics (Timed) Blue
  8. Banshee

Traps on the 6th level can be rough because of sacred ground. Run to the back of the room for the second circle, it's little easier and most cyclops will chase you.

The mimics on the 7th floor don't go immune this time around (like last week).



Take Elemental Damage (1 & 6), Health at 2