April 21, 2022 - wonderlands, wonderlands, guides

Wonderlands Featured Run -- Week 6 (05-05-2022)

Lots of Rogue Lite here makes this featured run a little more difficult to navigate.

  1. Skeletons and Trolls (Butt Stallion)
  1. Skeletons and Crabs (Melee Damage) - Green Rune
  1. Skeletons and Eyeclops (Fire Spirit) - Blue Rune (on the stone wall to the left before up the stairs to the portal)
  1. Blue Hat Monstrosity

  2. Cyclops and Skuttles (Sacred Ground)

The Sacred Ground to the left is slightly easier to deal with, as there is a poison (?) barrel in the right one.

  1. Skeletons and Shrooms (Time) - Yellow Rune

The shrooms on this level will trigger a lot of frozen orbs.

  1. Trolls and Skeletons (Dragon Lord Statue)

  2. LeChance

Alt Run

Alt Alt Run

Frozen Vengeance is incredibly annoying sometimes... To avoid this reduce the frustration (spoiler: it can't be avoided unless you skip all of the curses), take a slightly different path through the trial...