March 25, 2020 - wolcen, guides, wolcen

The Best Uniques in Wolcen

1. The Trial

The Trial is a unique belt that automatically casts Mark of Impurity on the target when they are hit (essentially, a 6th skill slot). This is hands down the best item in the game and will jump your expedition progression by 30-50 levels.

It's important to level Mark of Impurity to at least level 59 once you get The Trial. It will cast the base ability plus the runes!

Mark of Impurity Runes

2. Frostweave Qullittuq

No image available ofor Frostweave Qullittuq at this time.

Frostweave Qullittuq offers a substantial bonus to critical hit builds by replacing your chance to freeze a target with bonus critical chance instead (but you lose the ability to inflict freeze). It's the second most popular unique in the game and helps push crit-builds into the sub-5 minute 187 range.

3. The Macksfesten Enneract

The Macksfesten Enneract is the best hybrid build enabler in the game. It's unique ability is the Residual Energy node from the warlock skill tree; this is extremely important for weapon based builds because it allows you to completely skip a skill tree that's based entirely on willpower.

Honorable Mention

Unique weapons area in a really bad spot right now (at least when it comes to end game content) because they are significantly outclassed by legendary weapons with stronger damage modifiers. Vanity's Plea and Envy's Denial could work on a mage build with a catalyst but a staff is almost always going to be a better option.


Shadowcall has a handful of key nodes from the cabalist tree on a ring, the ability to spread ailments to enemies near the target is a pretty big deal for taking out clusters of enemies. The added ailment chance and damage is fantastic, but there is a slight drawback of dealing less non-ailment damage.

Another thing to note here, unique items in Wolcen aren't unique... you can equip more than one Shadowcall (or any other unique ring for that matter). Uniques are called unique because the item has a unique effect.

Shimmering Shadows

Shimmering Shadows is a fantastic damage shield for shadow builds. It adds a pretty good amount of shadow damage to attacks, a ton of health, some extra wisdom to increase the chance of applying ailments, and the unique ability to curse enemies on dash attacks (plus it looks really cool!).