March 24, 2020 - wolcen, wolcen, uniques

How to Farm The Trial (or any other unique)

The Trial is a unique belt in Wolcen that's pretty much required for end game progression. Getting one is extremely challenging becaues the drop rates for uniques is very low. The best way to get The Trial (or any other unique item) is to find Fate-Adjucatrix Zeitgeist and purchase the random unique she sells.

The Strategy

First off, reduce the map's zoom overlay to zero. To do this, go to settings, click on "Gameplay Settings" then slide "Map Overlay Zoom" all the way to the left to zero.

Map Overlay Settings Screenshot

After beating the game, reload the game in story mode and travel to Act 3 and fast travel to the following locations. In each location, wait between 5-10 seconds for the map overlay to finish loading and look for the vendor icon.

Act 3 Waypoints


The vendor will randomly spawn, so you'll want to check all 3 areas each load (Cell F Ramparts, Cell H Ramparts, and Cell H) but keep in mind travel time. Make sure you have a few mobility abilities because traveling through some areas, most notably Cell H Ramparts, will take a ton of time compared to an area like Cell H.

A vendor can spawn far away

The fastest checks each game would be fast traveling to Cell H Ramparts, wait for the area to load, go through the portal back to Cell H, wait for it to load, and fast travel to Cell H. You'll cover most of the areas and experience the fewest loading screens.

The only reason I don't consider this the ideal strategy is that creating and leaving games takes a ton of time.

Sometimes they spawn pretty close

Skip the Greed Shrines

Stay focused while using this method, most shrines won't be worth it.


Wolcen in general is pretty buggy so set your expecations low here. Sometimes maps won't load the icons, sometimes they'll only load partial icons and sometimes you won't be able to get to the vendor.

Can't get to this vendor

And sometimes, the game just doesn't want to load and you'll be spinning for a while. Get used to seeing this screen.

Loading Screen